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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Only it can tell


is it plus or minus?

We were calmly counting our fights, most of which I had forgot. You were filling in the details. I could only remember three or four of these. My memory defense mechanism works better than yours. Predictably enough I ended it all with a kiss and a job. A blowjob. I will allow for mixed feelings. We were like two big leopards tired with fighting and decided to mate. We'll worry about the game later. Posted by Hello


G said...

quick question! does your getting/giving a blowjob have to be always related to some fight prior or after the fact? just wondering! planning to write here a book on sexual mores in people from South-Eastern Europe *grin*

monsoux said...

Well, that is a fact of life. Most likely a blowjob will either occur some time after or sometime before a fight. A causality link cannot, however, be established necessarily.

G said...

Too much drama for a blowjob, that was the point I was trying to make!