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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Indeed! More pictures from Willemstad in my Places with the Shifting Lady between Punda and Otrobanda.

Oh, and for all of you interested, AND proficient in Romanian, you can dig for more in my correspondence with Pinocchio. Posted by Hello


G said...

Hey there and welcome back! to your blogging, I mean.
One question about that Curacao site: who the heck is writing their stuff and what kind of English is this:
" Queen Beatrix Bridge
This bridge is named after the current queen of Holland, Queen Beatrix who ascended the thrown in 1980." ?
ASCENDED? And "thrown" instead of throne??? This is between painful and hilarious!
At least I hope you enjoyed your staying there!

monsoux said...

Bad G! Bad, bad, bad! Well, if we keep in mind this is a multi-cultural, multi-language-abled society :) and that they primarily speak Papiamento, then Dutch, and Spanish, we might realize then that English is like the forth or fifth language they use. I think they do pretty well. At least enough for me to get around with ease. Surprisingly, I find the society there is rather prejudiced against the continental Dutch (hm! I wonder why?!!?), Colombians and, to a lesser degree, Venezuelans. This however does not prevent them to take pride in their diverse cultural background which they proclaim and promote. All served with the kind tourist-service smile. Beware.

G said...

Hmmmm, let me think of other multicultural / multilingual societies that are definitely not language-disabled! What about Switzerland, Finland, Belgium? I bet they wouldn't make such mistakes, certainly not on official websites. What I'm trying to say is it has not that much to do with being "multicultural, multi-language-abled society" than with a certain educational level.

You find SURPRISING they are "rather prejudiced against continental Dutch"??? Well, what about people from Suriname then? You should find surprising the fact that despite their less friendly feelings for the Dutch, there are 1 million Surinamese currently living in the Netherlands (and Suriname is no longer a colony as Curacao is!). Poverty and not being able to get past this cultural colony stage don't obviously bring the best feelings in people (look at other cultural colonies in Europe and elsewhere).
Pride? One is usually proud of achievements, and not of accidents of history.

"All served with the kind tourist-service smile." That's what we call touristy places. "Beware." You can say that again! I personally avoid as much as possible that kind of places.

monsoux said...

My dearest, I do to (I was sent there, remember?). As for the official page I have learnt that can be found somewhere else. I am not going to post it as a link as my recollection of the official immigration form is rather faint...