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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Damn those shoes

I hate to come and depend on small things grown big. Did not manage to sell the shoes, so if you know anybody European size 45, give me sign. I might even cut you a share. Yes, it is that time of the month where I don't see the end of it, financially. House is a mess. Life is a little mess, but I have got a new haircut. Well, it is pretty much as you know me, but I just did it again. Maybe I should say I have got myself a fresh haircut? Troubles starting the engines this morning, appointment at ten, have not eaten and here I am, doing the most important staff. To follow: buy salami, and medical. Water the plants. Pack. Go to work. Fly. Smile. Will Top Dog do it once more? Stay tuned to find out. Until the next one. Love for the loved ones.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hm... sunt purtati? Nu simt nimic.
70? Asa, din pur fetisism...

monsoux said...

Nu, nu sunt! Si nici 70. sunt 45, am mai spus.

Anonymous said...

70 de Euro, slabacule. Daca inca nu i-ai vandut, iti ofer 60. Incet, incet putem ajunge chiar la 45, cum spuneai tu. Nu insa fara negocieri.

monsoux said...

Bei, merge cu 45 (cu 145!)
Ce ziceai, ca daca nu i-am dat, ii iei tu cu 60? Sunt dati deja. Dar daca te intereseaza mai am o pereche identica, cu 100, care e si pretul din magazin (daca ii gasesti la reduceri). te pup