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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Game (not) falling into place

It is fall again and once more the hunter becomes the game. That is me, since I am being chased around by what looks like an endless row of delayed tasks. It is that time of the year when everything is struggling to fall into place. Hence the name of the season? Lots of feelings lately and some first hand experiences worth telling you about. As always I am dealing with a time management issue. I stress issue, not problem! (Yes, denial is the first symptom of the condition.) What I would like (watch out here comes a big fat list!)? Get out of the office more, deal with less prudery (oh, I hate prudery, especially when it borders stupidity). Find a way to read more (hm, come to think about it something is always more than zero, but reading literature does not pay the bills, while reading faxes does; this is not an argument for you people to be reading more faxes! So kids, do not do this at home!). Travel. Travel. Travel. Pictures. And more money. Yes, that would be nice. Anyone, other ideas? Oh, I always complaint, but I always forget, which is maybe why I have so little: time. (yeah, yeah, and health and all the rest, I know.) Posted by Hello

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