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Friday, September 24, 2004

Riddle - SWAT is a PEST

Reasons to say yes:
- I am gay, and this should not make the news, only if people today were more normal; my life is "normal", it's not like I am trying to get into every man's pants, or corrupt little boys
- I am living with someone I love for three years now, and we are likeable and sociable
- it's about time somebody takes a stand to say normal things about gays in Romania; I think I know what should be said

Reasons to say no:
- I have no idea how this will impact my work, but I have reasons to suspect that it won't improve it (I should talk to my boss about this one, anyway)
- my bf is not out to his family yet
- my personal life is my personal life, once I waive this right there is no telling

... I have been approached by a friend to appear in a TV news feature related to the study that says Romanians prefer thieves to homosexuals as their neighbours...
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Anonymous said...

Well, here in Spain, homosexuals are still seen as rare and unnatural. In USA too. There are little countries where that has come natural and acceptable.

It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

GOSH! Another famous friend! Please, say no!
PS. The one true reason to say yes is to spite'm all.

Anonymous said...

one more reason to say yes: de ce nu?