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Saturday, October 09, 2004

A couple of flashbacks - like us, a couple is three

no. 1 - It is I
Self-gratuitous sex

It is not unheard of to have sex over the phone. So I had that hearing the sound of your voices telling me not necessarily sexual stories. I remember it was this crisp early mid-day. I was somehow chilly, under the covers in our empty-without-you bed. You called, switching places, taking turns in talking to me. You were, I assumed, on the top of the hill. It was clearly a joyous moment, a glorious outing for both of you. And all of the sudden I have noticed my swollen sex asking to be taken care of. It was another way blow off steam, to alleviate my solid solitude. Wanking. I was dearly missing you. So I casually disclosed my mundane occupation to you. It was a quickie for me and I somehow was very aware that the sincerity of my momentarily coming stirred your true and calm envy. I had my revenge, a little victory, making you who had one another at hand feel envious of me, who only had the distance and myself.

no. 2 - You
The oak leaf

Another time in the sun, with childish gestures: you offered me an oak leaf and than after a while you asked for it back. I denied you that. You then expressed concern that I would lose it. I kept it dearly, playing with it, the others not knowing why was that. After a while I gave it back to you. And then it must have been lost, but the day was over and we had to move along. I know we have not lost other things, though.

no. 3 - Him

Cuddling is all I can do when your unbelievably soft skin strikes me. The memory of your back line sends my lips on a trail. I know we still have issues, but everything that is mine for you has already started taking THAT trip and cuddling is all I can do: vanilla, even if I am mad.

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I like this post. Very honest and sincere.