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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Happy UN Day

Still a gloomy day, like yesterday and other days this season. I think that apart many of their faults, the Americans and the French, for example, are blessed with summer celebrations, improving the odds of a good time.

I sneezed so vigorously I think I dislocated my right ribs.


Anonymous said...

don't necessarily want to unday your gloomy day, but have you grown blind lately? or perhaps your head has grown permanent sunglasses

G said...

Re: undays & gloomy days
To: Anonymous

Dear anonymous,

Your opinion might be taken into consideration (even as unsolicited as it is) in case you decide to stop posting ANONYMOUS comments. Until then, I, as a reader of this blog,consider this kind of comments inappropriate, if not insensitive.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of unsolicited sensitiveness.
G, I guess you're a shareholder! My apologies then. But seriously, there's no reason to be so upset. I just don't have a username here and couldn't care less to go into the tehnicalities of getting one or finding some other way to make myself more easily identifiable. I'm sure the majority holder can take a wild guess. (Also I would have posted this to you personally but wasn't able, for similarly inexcusable reasons. So you can teach me that lesson as well). Now to the point: in my own coarse uninspired way of being... well, sensitive, I was just worrying about the middledog's immunity to the fabulous sun&light in this city's skies over the last couple of days, etc. Or perhaps I didn't get the metaphors right, poor textual me? Or could it have been the UN reference that transfixed me? Now this has gone too far. May I be forgiven. Sincerely, C.

monsoux said...

oh, boy! oh, boy! *claps his hands with anticipation on the edge of his seat. A storm in a glass of water! How considerate! Thank you both.

Chox said...

um, i sneezed really bad this morning, but hit my head on the bathroom sink because i was picking a piece of kleenex and some dental floss off the floor when said sneeze sneakily snuck up on me and scared me silly. yup, i bonked it pretty good. it caused my brain to press against the front of my skull for a few nanoseconds and caused all sorts of stars to appear in my field of vision.

it was kind of cool, actually. i would have done it again but hitting your head on a 1950's-era cast iron sink kinda smarts.