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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Killing doorways

So, here you are, by popular demand, and because I did manage to finish that damn report, what I was doing at the time of the earthquake last night.

Well, since I am not your average Romanian, I was not sleeping. Therefore I did not wake up, but I was rather left sleepless, which should give G an answer to his previous comment. I was browsing the internet checking what the others have been up to lately. I remember I had the time to calmly move away from the couch and walk towards the doorway, think it might be over until I get there. Then I sat myself in the doorway, or was it bent and kneeled? and... it wouldn't be over, so, pushing with my fists into the floor, don't ask me why, I had time to say three or four times,don't ask me to whom, "Please, make it stop!". I don't usually entertain the habit of talking to God. The feeling must be mutual since I remember when I fell in my bathroom and hit my head I did not have any vision either. About that time I got the adrenaline rush, and my heart rate went through the ceiling, hearing the funny noises Foolea's work was making brushing against the wall. Bad idea to keep architectural mock-ups like that. Not that hanging them on the wall would be much helpful in the same situation. I also remember another me, the learned one, kept on saying reassuringly this only takes a couple of seconds. These seconds however kept me waiting longer than the next few hours. And then it was over and I was still waiting for the concrete walls to fall and bury everything under them. The phone lines were down because of the overflow. I somehow managed to get a hold of T and make sure he was fine. He was also out drinking with his friends following his first appearance on TV. He offered to bring me some soda or juice: "there is plenty on tables, people have just left". No, thank you, but so kind of you to offer. So there I was, unable to move back to the couch. I refused to go out, because the stairs could have been shaky and the elevator is unreliable even during a regular day.

Post-factum I read Douglas F. Copp's tips to survive earthquakes. We have obviously not been in such circumstances, but if I had been, some of the things I did were stupid and dangerous.


Anonymous said...

i felt like a trapped mouse. as if i was in a box, which someone was shakening very hard.

i experienced a huge feeling of smallness and lack of control.


kit said...

A buddy sent me some of those tips via e-mail (with the title "worth reading") about eleven hours before the earthquake. How odd!

G said...

"bent and kneeled"??? what strange positions your body assumes sometimes!

G said...

"bent and kneeled"??? what strange positions your body assumes sometimes!