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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Looking down on life

It is a conspiracy of gays: one blog leads to another and you can follow this red line through. We read what we are, we are what we read (not, you guys! me).

It is late morning again and I am less and less of a nine-to-five person and more of a stay till you are done employee. Last night I arrived home at midnight. I am not even trying anymore to be there at nine. I need my eight hours of beauty sleep, some time to start the engines, some time to think, some time to blog, my half hour of grooming (yes, I am gay). Besides I know I'll have to stay late to un-tangle this drama project. Contracts, projects, terms of reference, guidelines, plan of action, donor's policy, general audience rating, drama, the perfect choice of ingredients for a present day Gordian Knot. They tie it up, I tie it down. By the way, wouldn't be nice to find time for Amoldovar's latest Mala Education? I wonder who could be doing the shopping for me. And when. The content of my refrigerator reads a quarter of lemon (dried), four old eggs, one piece of old yellow cheese gone hard, plenty of mineral water. It is not like I am going to die, but wouldn't I like something more "normal" ? hm.

In different news, my nose started running. It is not like we are winning a local cup or something, but I was rather avoiding a flue for the past two months. Wish me luck.
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Chox said...

my nose is running too. it has been for the past 3 weeks, and it's starting to annoy me, especially since my nose is getting all red and raw and i've already been accused of being a popper whore.

no flu shots to be had, either...i hope i don't get it this winter.