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Monday, April 24, 2006

The sound of music

Been here and here. I am full of impressions like an album is full of pictures. Also little stories that don't make sense. Like the old unidentified lady who died crashed by a car when crossing on the red light. I saw that last night, before it was on the news. Also the taxi driver seemed to have valid explanations for all the misfortunes lately. No, not only my misfortunes, the humanity's. Well, apparently this year the Orthodox Easter is on the same day as Saint George. Plus the end of the world is coming. I told him I knew that, however I did not posses the exact date. The taxi driver said that the people were very discontent, and there would be an uprising like the one in '89. I did not contradict him. Finally, when we arrived and I paid he asked me if I had any bags in the trunk where he had put them. Erm, geee, I don't know. Let's see now. Was I coming from the airport? Do people usually sport bags at the airport? Is the Earth round?

Come to think about it, I just wanted to say that Melk sounds like "snail" in Romanian, but ended with the full post above. Posted by Picasa

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