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Thursday, May 11, 2006

La Gloriette

I have dreamt my usual recurrent dream, the labyrinth. This time it was a city and I had a friend to show me through, a beautiful girl. We ended on the top of the... not a mountain, but a place with a view. I could not tell if this was night or day, or what time of the day, nor could I make sense of it being fully outdoor, or partially under a massive construction. Going through the city I was taking beautiful pictures and there on the top there was a small welcoming curved tunnel, like the inside of armadillo shell lying on its side, and I remember a beautiful warm red light and wanting to take a picture but didn't. And then, when we came out at the other end of the armadillo, my friend got her face covered into flower powder and bees and bugs started roaming on her face and in the air around. It was a beautiful picture, but she was obviously terrified. I took that picture and helped her to get rid of bees and then I returned inside the armadillo only to discover the beautiful light was gone and there was no point in pressing the camera button.

I have slept for less than six hours. I woke up and it was raining. I like rain. I makes some things look cleaner. Like my car. That, however, must be different for these pour souls.
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