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Monday, May 29, 2006

Too much coffee

I read in Webster's that histamine is an amine, C5H9N3, lowers the blood pressure and stimulates gastric secretion. Which would explain me drinking two mugs of coffee already. I usually drink only one cup. The rest is tea. While the coffee is responsible for the pictures I shot this morning. Sorry, not much happening this early! Which reminds me of the horrid stories in the news these days: a guy hurled his kids and himself out of the window; he was vacationing. A German kid stabbed some 30 people, one of the first victims was HIV positive. Another major earth quake strikes an already impoverished nation of the world. Posted by Picasa


Lulu said...

Maybe you should replace coffee with some nice home-made St. Johnswort (sunatoare) tea. It has anti-depressant properties (and a horrible taste).

monsoux said...

You can say that again about "sunatoare". Not even honey can rub that taste away.