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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hot and gay, but not related

I have been asked about my opinion on this. Well, I always knew it was Mother's fault! I tend to believe that the action of hormones and antibodies while in the womb could mess with the sexual differentiation of the brain. It must be all chemistry about us, right? I do fit the profile, having an elder (straight) brother.

Secondly, I am amazed Pinocchio has published two days in a row! This is indeed a rare phenomenon. Reading it I was enlightened as regards to visits referred from Andrei Gheorghe's forum, but did not have the energy to register yet a new account.

This has brought to my mind how one can read X-Men 3 in a gay key. If there were a cure for homosexuality, I wouldn't be interested, simply because there is nothing wrong with me. Or, maybe, there is, but it doesn't have to do with being gay.

I asked Vava last night why is she reading my blog. Apparently there is constantly something new here and I am a good friend. I am not convinced :) About the first part.

I have been experiencing a need for recognition lately. It is not professional, but affective. I love it when people miss me. I am sick ;)

Another famous character from the public arena has asked me "So what is the thing with having a profile that says no sex pictures, on a sex site? Tell me, is this the new thing? If so, tell me, I want to know the trend." Yes, I do have one of those. And it is not for sex hook ups. It just satisfies my rock star personality craving for attention. It is also a good source of information for anthropological observation of the gay community in the wild.


adnana said...

no u are not sick.. u are monsoux...just monsoux..:):):)

monsoux said...

welcome, adnana. First time here?