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Monday, July 10, 2006

More drastic measures, soon

Gheorghe has once threatened to keep on publishing the same article until at least one hundred people sent him an email. And he did get to publish the same article the next week. Apparently he got the one hundred messages he wanted.

Need I say more?

Fill in my Johari window, please. You don't want this blog to keep on publishing the same post, that would be boring. Thank you.


stingo said...

May I suggest that you put the link to the Johari window somewhere on the right? This way, it will always be on the first page and you wouldn't have to bore me senseless (I was the first to fill in your Johari window).

monsoux said...

I am sorry. Indeed you were. I will consider your idea.

stingo said...

I was kidding with "boring me senseless" (I just thought it sounded funny). You never bore me. Au contraire.

pichi said...

am outta here, ladies