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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I was accidentally stranded this late morning at the supermarket at my corner. A fauna of senior citizens were staring at the small price labels, while young mothers were double pushing strollers and shopping carts. A lost lust provoking sun tanned youth was navigating among the selves, parading his fake P-Diddy diamond ear stud and one size too small flip-flops. Finally, the sales assistant took an incredibly long time with my eggplant salad and pork meatballs, but I have managed to make it to the cashier, who melted my heart with a brief loathe-loaded look. Had it been laser, this account would have not been to start with. I love the supermarket at the corner. It is called Gulliver, and we the clients are always cast as Lilliputians.

Other random thoughts

Google me gently. No more googling me?

I sometimes think we are doomed to be caught in the loop of the same mistakes. Also known as routine.

Sales beats marketing. This is a rant. I am a subscriber for a magazine, and I cannot help but noticing and be bothered by a situation that has been repeating itself during the past months. In brief, the magazine hits the stands upon release, but it takes two more weeks before it reaches me, a member of their constant readership and also a guarantor for their regular income. I feel neglected and frustrated by this type of relations with the client and I do not intend to fall for a renewal of my subscription. Proof that sales are not marketing, nor vice versa. In Romania sales are the marketing of the moment, and that is a shame. Posted by Picasa

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Romerican said...

Interestingly, the U.S. has the complete opposite problem. If you were a regular subscriber any popular/mass magazine, you would no doubt have already received your October issue in the mail whereas the stores would currently be carrying the August edition. This way everyone knows what's happening before it happens, but you the subscriber are rewarded with knowledge winter weather temperatures while it's still the summer!

Marketing drives sales conversion here. Everyone knows what sells in magazines is whatever is "cool." Since old stuff is never cool, you have to be pro-active. So take news from last month and the month before and repackage it as the news of tomorrow's tomorow's tomorrow. Afterall, the competition is already in September and we want to be more cool then them, right?

Which brings us to car sales, where you can already buy the 2007 models right now. Ultimately, the value of dates become less and less in these environments.