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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The teachings of the wannabe urban philosopher (or my learning during the day, to be included in a possible handbook)

Set people free and they will be more attached to you.

A true lady never un-shoes fully during a meeting. A true lady can and will half un-shoe and master balancing her high heels on the tip of her toes. Crossed legs and slight back-and-forth movement of the said foot will prove that she is self-aware and not afraid to use sexuality to dissuade potential opposers. Under no circumstance will the shoe be dropped. Failure to continuously balance the shoe in complete silence will be regarded as proof of un-ladyness.

Take all the moments you need.

Be a bitch! Backstab and smile. Rewind and replay. End it with a smile.

If you own a limousine, no matter the brand, or, you know, any car worth above 13,000 euro don't buy a handsfree. Not because handsfree is expensive (or not), but because it's below your dignity and you don't need it anyway. You are such an exquisite driver people deserve to admire you at length slowing the traffic and managing the wheel with less then one hand. As Miranda put it "I was using the right half more, anyway".

If you own the company selling the air conditioning, be preoccupied with selling more units, not with the Consumer Protection fine you are getting for not fixing mine (under warranty). If you are doing client in-take for this company, let me blow all my steam, then go "Oh, sorry, who is this?”. When I repeat myself, go "Yeah, I am writing it down", as if nothing really happened. After all I have only called five times.

When you are the admin for a well reputed media don't call news releases spam. This spam pays for your sallary. And if you call them spam, at least watch your language before sending out messages like ""Stop sending me spam. If i receive one more spam i will block mails from your domain ."

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