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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The day most odd

Have you ever felt like whatever you did it was too late? Have you gone past the time when just saying "I love you" would mend all things? Have you been amazed how quick everything can go wrong? So, how are you?

Does lying to the Devil qualify as a sin?

Jean-Francois emailed calling me by my surname. Probably like Vava does, but that is her prerogative and a few other best friends.

Valery has emailed, but has not mentioned the landing time, as I asked.

Tom has called singing to me.

Cristina has texted me with a message that doesn't make any sense.

Denis has called, and when I called back he said he didn't dial. He even checked to see if somehow accidentally a call was made, but there was none recorded.

For the first time in months I have accidentally left my mobile at home, and felt like I would've if I swallowed the damn thing.

Even the movie seemed very telling.

I feel so out of place, it is eerie.

Finally, R, I thought you were upset for my unfortunate remark about your buttons and no I don't have anything against you at all. I think you can be as sweet a friend as it gets. It's just that I am under the weather now.

Enough said. I might have an unexpected guest. I have to at least entertain if not accommodate him. Which could actually be a good way to take my mind off the shitty stuff that has happened today.
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