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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not used to being saved and disliking the wait

My happiness by proxy has been questioned by the very friends responsible for it. Was it my loud jokes? I cannot decide if your absence is a good or a bad thing. After all, where would Jesus be were it not for Jude. All is a yin yang mess.

In my case, you are not here. Full stop. Posted by Picasa


pichi said...

btw, where did my 30 pieces of silver go? you lured me back with'em and now?
otherwise, don't you worry: vicariousness is, according to either/both Jung or/and Girard, at the heart of being what you and your friends here all are

stingo said...

Don't worry, sugar. Jesus is well taken care of here in Belgium. I'm keeping an eye (the good one) on Him.

monsoux said...

Despite popular belief, apparently Our Saviour doesn't just talk to anybody. Oh, wait, I thought that was the Good Lord, the father.

stingo said...

Dear Jude,

Thou art indeed wrong.

Jesus loves you, by the way.

Sincerely yours,
Virgin Mary

monsoux said...

Dear Mary,

You got it all wrong, in the first place. I was Jesus and he was my Jude (Law! And the Good Almighty must have a sense of humour for not striking us for our big full mouth).

And I know Jesus loves me. He loves all.

And you're no virgin, I hope.

stingo said...

Dear Jude,

You are daydreaming. Wake up. Of course you are Jude. (Don't know about Law, though.)

Of course I'm not a virgin anymore. I fucking gave birth to Jesus. What do you expect? My hymen is all shreds now.


monsoux said...

Mary, we're going to hell, you know, right?

stingo said...

Talk for yourself, darling. I'm a saint.

monsoux said...

first a virgin, then a saint. What next, my angel?