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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Odd choices, or "Is brown sugar the same thing as white sugar, and which is better?"

So what do you do when the running water is either brown or cold? You are in a hurry, you have to wash, because you cannot afford to smell, not even remotely, or even more so. And you kinda hope nobody will want to sniff your undies. OK, if they do, it's their fetish, so you need worry no more. Unless it's my boyfriend, and than it has to be detergent like clean. But we are getting side-tracked. I do like long showers and bubbly baths, but I will use a cold wet towel if I have to.

You have to clip your toe and finger nails, but you are already running late for the meeting. Go for the obvious facade like choice and clip the finger nails, even if toe nails have already been hurting you for the past days. Impression is more important then pressure.

Lately I am thinking post-like. Should I be worried? Blogging is affecting my brains.


Adevaratul Mitzy said...

i know the answer to that one...i wonder why? Well...brown sugar and white sugar are not the same, brown sugar is better, but u can also find white sugar that is painted (or something) brown NOT GOOD. So u should buy the brown unrefined sugar. Did that solve all your problems?

monsoux said...

It sure did solve everything, ain't that so, everybody?