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Monday, August 07, 2006

That time has come

"Rockstar personality caught the online spotlight. Welcome to the concert. Speaking of music, I like Wax Tailor, Salphawezen, The Limp Twins, Ben Mono and Mirwais. Especially Mirwais' Disco Science. Ben Mono's Protection is on heavy rotation on my playlist these days. I love walking barefoot when I know I am not going to get hurt nor dirty. And shopping. And being able to leave the bathroom door open. OK, maybe that's too much information. I hate men in socks and sandals, stupid drivers, aggressive stupid drivers, frantically parked cars, being scammed, poor service, not making ends meet. The list doesn't end here. Finally, I will most probably change this text when I get bored with it, which is not that far away." See the title?

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