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Friday, September 01, 2006

The boy who cried "Wolf!"

As it is nice to be surprised by text messages and mere how are you calls, and I was a couple of times, it would be as nice if some of my friends got back to me. It's been ages since you picked up the phone. You know who you are. What if I died? It's been ages, so I could've died meanwhile.

Soon, about "I'm not seeing the doctor, procrastination or plain fear?" and other rants. When I am up to it. Posted by Picasa


Pichi said...

bai daca nu terminati toti cu lesinurile astea de pension cristic io ma sinucid public pe coada statuii lu' calu' lu' mihai viteazul ca coriolan draganescu si las un bilet explicativ cu numele voastre si dup-aia va si bantui pentru ca sunteti niste insuportabili buricocentrici deghizati in crizanteme glasate si in clatite cu flori de salcam plm nimeni nu mai stie sa framante cozonaci sa faca magiun de prune si sa ruleze cornuletze??? papanasi, anyone?
gata cu 'hypocrite lecteur mon semblable mon frere'
am zis

monsoux said...

Ce frumos le spui tu, bibicule!