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Friday, September 08, 2006

Reality collage

Of marriages and divorce, disease and sanity, one job, a second job, gigs and no job, vacation, outings, parties, one liter of beer a night during weekdays, sleeping in front of the computer. Does anyone ever understand anything? Anything goes. Anyway. Everything goes. Away.

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Romerican said...

Hmmph. That could actually turn into a viable market: browser-specific games.

There are a myriad of small companies who make "stupid little games" (like Tetris or whatever) and their inventory of a hundred games or so makes them hundreds of millions of dollars each year. I was shocked to get into the financials behind the mini-games business. And tempted.

Suppose browsers like Opera and FireFox led the way in proprietary gaming extension, sharing revenue with the developer and keeping fees low. I see a viable profit model there. Of course, it would expected that Microsoft would soon follow suit, with higher prices.