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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The shadow of me

Once, being a kid, I remember I had got so upset with my parents I threatened to leave rather then endure their dictatorship any longer. I was of course very fresh to this world and I did not really intend to leave them, but I did want to twist their arm so to speak. To my surprise my mum did not play along with my shameless blackmail plot so, in order to live up to the expectations and not to loose any face, I had to pack up my things and actually leave. Which I remember I did. I only took the bare essentials. At that time, all the toys that could fit into the plastic bag I hastily grabbed would qualify as essentials. Finally, there it looked like the only way out was the door. A little bit puzzled, but nevertheless determined, now I have learned it's called stubbornness, I proceeded, without a clear idea of where. The most important thing was to proceed, which, again, I did. I did not make it far, actually not far down the hallway, when providence brought along my God-Mother. Another one of my three mums at the time, she was living not literally next door, but very close nevertheless. She casually asked me where I was headed, which made me burst into tears of realization the grandeur of little-old-me-left-all-alone-in-the-world-with-no-one-to-care-for-me-anymore. Years have passed since and I have learned she was keeping my way only because Mother had called her up just in time.

I tell you, it's a conspiracy from, practically, day one.


Romerican said...

Very cute!

monsoux said...

I'd say childish. The reason I wrote is because, well, I am an adult, and adults so many times do childish things.