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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Blogger blows your mind in many ways, some of their word verification is quite suggestive. To me, at least. OK, maybe there was nothing better left to do... after exhausting all the RSS feed waiting to be read today.

niuty (cute, could be the name of a little furry animal)
pauaz (well, doable I guess)
krmrncxmm (inconceivable)
myory (possessive)
hivuazen (zen, what else?)
bjtjy (soundy, if you can pronounce it)


stingo said...

Oh, I love these word verifications! Always surprising. This time: "hhaaqfe". Hilarious and coffeinated.

However, I beg to differ: "hivuazen" sounds Canadian to me.

monsoux said...

Thank you for playing along. ayfrp (terrible typo for afro)