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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


OK, I don't do memes, but I've been tagged by stingo. So unless I am tagged, I don't do them.

Three things I love in Bucharest
Rollerblading in an empty Herastrau (yes, it happens!)
Premiers, invites, events
There used to be a place in Cismigiu, up on the hill, where one could have beer in the shade. Some said it was crappy, I say it was blessed, just because I'd take a decent redneck over a full of shit wannabee anytime. But the place was closed, and the summer is gone...

Three things where I like to get out with friends
"La Metoc" tea place
Carturesti, on Magheru
Hollywood Multiplex cinema

Three things that a Westerner would not understand about Bucharest
Parking in the neighbourhoods
And getting around (no grid scheme, lots of funny crossroads, no ninety degrees, unsatisfactory road signs, bumpy roads, and don't get me started on the sidewalks)

Fanciest neighbourhood

Ugliest neighbourhood

I'd like to hear from Alice, Adevaratul Mitzi, Musculin, and Romer!can. The floor is yours.


Adevaratul Mitzy said...

thanx a lot...a big big thank u. I hate these things...but i'll do it only if ... i was going to say Mitzy as in Nextmistake Mitzy...but u did't tag him :(

Pichi said...

Surprise surprise you're hearing from a whole different one...
"Premiers, invites, events"
"I'd take a decent redneck over a full of shit wannabee anytime".
Blessed contradiction! Friends should know better.

monsoux said...

Pichi, you picky bastard! Bless your soul.

Romerican said...

So, when I tagged El Stingo, he gets to avoid it? Yet he expects you to follow his tag and then I in turn, eh?


I presume one is to write about where one lives. And not Bucharest in particular, for which I'd struggle to find three... oh oh, my bad.

I wouldn't have pictured you as a blader! And this talk of rednecks, do you mean the same thing I think you think? Scandalous.

monsoux said...

I'd love to show the place :)

stingo said...

You tagged me, Romerican? When? Where? Why didn't you tell me?

Musculin said...

It took me a while to answer, but I'm sure you understand the reason why. Better late than never, I say.

My answer may not be very accurate since I haven't been in Bucharest for quite some time. However, from the recollections of my past in Bucharest I reckon that:

3 things that I love in Bucharest are:
- Calea Victoriei, from the Royal Palace square with its exceptional MNAR (Muzeul National de Arta al Romaniei), the Atheneum, probably the most dignified and harmonious building anywhere in Romania and the monumental Central University Library to the exquisite Museum of Music (George Enescu Memorial House) and the Museum of Art Collections
- the Old Centre: the ruins of Curtea Veche - the old princely court, the Stavropoleos Church, the formerly-bohemian-presently-tourist-trap-but-still-beautiful Caru' cu Bere, the not-so-unconventional-as-they-could-be Hanu' cu Tei art galleries, the decadent-as-in-decayed-but-oh-so-beautiful Villacrosse Passage and all the small and lively pubs, student-friendly canteens and jazz clubs in between
- the romantic (especially in autumn) parks in central Bucharest: Cismigiu, Gradina Icoanei...

3 things where I like to get out with friends:
- Amsterdam Café
- Carturesti
- Gara Lipscani (a pub, not a railway station)

3 things a Westerner would not understand about Bucharest (leaving aside the small but significant detail of who "The Westerner" might be):
- the social networking properties of the sunflower seeds
- the driving behaviour of the Bucharesters - or is it Bucharestians?
- the "carpet-beaters" at the entrance of most residential sky-scrapers

Fanciest neighbourhood:
- in a positive sense: the area of and behind Dacia Boulevard
- in a negative sense: Baneasa

Ugliest neighbourhood:
- probably RFG, though I've lived even in Berceni and Pantelimon, not exactly the epitomes of careful urban planning

Did this belated answer give away my snobbery?

monsoux said...

Thank you.

I don't mind YOUR snobbery. And for that matter some very spoecific other's.

monsoux said...

romerican, all that talk and no results... where should I look? Or, at least, should I look?

Romerican said...

*sharp salute*

Mission accomplished, sir!

monsoux said...

Finally. This was getting reeeealy old. Thank you.