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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A date with two angels

Mr Smile went to the dentist. Twenty minutes, one cavity and three fillings later Mr Smile was himself once again. His smile was, however, a bit croocked. From the anesthetic. His literally big mouth allowed the dentist to stick in, at one time, a stick, an aspirator, a mirror, some sort of gun and two hands, one from each angel. It was quite a ball. If Mr Smile were straight he could fall for either the dentist or her assistant.


Pichi said...

this raises one interesting point: why are there never male dentist assistants???

monsoux said...

maybe it is not a good idea to combine too much testosterone in close proximity of a drill?

Romerican said...

Heh. One of the rare posts I immediately read aloud to all within earshot (and, no, I'm not alone). Laughter ensued.