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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ms Jones said...

As it happens, Ms Jones sounded very serviceable the last time I talked to her. Also, like all people who know what they are talking about, she made a good impression on me. Later on, this was again confirmed.

So you should understand my feelings and expression on my face when the customer service of the express mail that shall remain unnamed uttered to my disbelief and bewilderment: "Ms Jones said there was no package to collect". On that precise second the level went to red alert and my immediate though was "My passport is lost". This was the start of a new desk-odyssey packed with emails and phone calls to track, to despair, to re-schedule, to realize, to accept, to embrace.

As of now I am following the tracking number as if it were news of utmost importance which in fact it is. My passport is in Paris... How ... romantic!

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