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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My turn. In London...

This sucks. The flight has been cancelled this morning. For the second time. Apart from messing my plans altogether, I also don't have the luggage with me. And because of the new regulations, that means the cream and everything else have been also checked in. It's not like I stink or anything, but my face is coming off. In disappointment. I am in Heathrow and the weather sucks. Not according to plan.


stingo said...

My condolences. It appears that everything sucks in your life, and you're not enjoying it.

Where are you going, by the way? To Malawi?

Romerican said...

At the risk of being a party pooper, I have to admit that -- after having thought about it today -- there are worse places to be stuck. And while I wish you the best in getting on with your plans, I do hope you're having fun and not studying the cheap paintings in your hotel room.

monsoux said...

The situation has geared up, the country is Guyana, the jungle was not so bad, and, yes, I am sweating. The paintings in the London hotels (!) really suck. But the Hilton is better than Radisson, Gatwick than Heathrow and Virgin than Bewee, especially when... well I promise a scatological post soon.