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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Between demotivation and the desire to kill, I am freezing my ass over here. I cannot imagine the wet hot jungle. Partly because express delivery service clerk, insert incompetent in the appropriate word order, did not place the pick up order with their London branch. Took me two minutes to get through. And about half an hour to place the actual order missing my client account number. But it can be done. And it should've been done earlier. My visa has been in my passport since Monday. My order, in writing, was with the Romanian office of the said express mail on Tuesday shortly afternoon. They did not bother to let me know. So Wednesday I called. Twice. Second time it was 5:05 pm and the doorman said they all left twenty minutes ago! So I was forced to call Client Service in London and joggle my persuasion and their system. It's now Thursday morning and it looks like the passport is not arriving by Friday close of business. They don't work weekends and I need to fly Monday first thing. This would really fuck up all my plans. If I don't have my passport in due time, well, this all goes down in smokes. And so will my written complaint. Can I also sue? I cannot conceive I have been running like crazy for nothing, to miss on everything so close and stupid. (Lets post the image of a church and pray!)

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