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Monday, November 13, 2006

Random gin orangina

I am a greedy sentimental bastard. And a sentimental greedy bastard too, because I am both greedy and sentimental... I am just enjoying myself on my own. Nothing guilty, mind you. The ipod is working again, the temperature is just right, I am not hungry, clothes are everywhere. I have decided to through many of them, but I could only actually decide to part with very few. I have lingered for a while in the luke warm just dried Trussardi Jeans longsleeve shirt, just enjoying the scent of freshly washed, the I then have folded and put it back in the wardrobe. Tonight I dreamed of a shallow clear sea with beautiful little fish in golden, blue, and red, swimming towards my fingers instead of away from them.

Looks like I am not getting out to buy the tonic in the gin and tonic, and will have to do with Orangina instead. The horrors!

Been playing Andries on end. Three weeks ago I was drunk in the sun and scorching heat at the races in Georgetown. One week ago I was partying in Soho. Life.

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