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Saturday, December 23, 2006


I give you Gordie. In full his name is Gordo Project and he shares the same birthday as Vava. The family name is, of course, the same with the place where Gordie became a Romanian at heart. By the way, he is an American, rare case of permanent migration. On his first night out, a couple of nights ago, on Vava's birthday, Gordie has lent his name to a cocktail, ask for Gordie's Special if you like sweet coconut and pineapple based, and also, due to his size perhaps, to any "small things", i.e. 50 ml of vodka can be "A Gordie vodka". You should also know that Gordie makes friends easily and can sleep in bar in the (empty) martini glass or behind the laptop. He wouldn't sleep in just any bar, so far it has worked only in Project, where people are friendly, let you play your music, need may be, and bring cozonac and apples for the merry season. No carols, though, and that is also a plus. 


Anonymous said...

he is soooo cute (and yellow)... definitely a movie star material; already made his first blog appearance. reminds me of: Wish you a good ol' jolly christmas! t

Petrica, The Cat said...

Muppet + Sex toy = Gordie... He's cool, but he looks soooo pervy...