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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Highs and lows

In shorter, sudden alternaces, the term is bipolar. But when you are experiencing them at the same time, is it split personality?

The highs

T is back. And we can resonate. Also we can reason. He can be very sweet.

A new "project" is open. After wondering in the streets, yes, it is wonder, but also wander, in this case, we decided to follow two likely creatures. And we got there. Nice! I liked it.


Being smiled at

Being complimented. Twice. In five minutes.

Betting that I would make the bartender smile at me, and winning. The tip occured only later.

The lows

The "summer" hat - I wish I bought that stupid black hat from the future back in London. I would've had to party around the metropolis with a hat on my head and a hat in my bag, but I would have also worn it last night instead of the summer hat from last season. Someone learnedly taught me "You should carry arround a special hat box".

Having something nasty on the skin, I don't know what it is, but the true problem is in the brains, that's for sure.

Drinking and the drinking headacke



Petrica, The Cat said...

I've known about your blog for a long while, but I never thought about posting a comment until I met you... Drinking is on my list too, both for highs and lows... But I don't think I'm bipolar... Having highs and lows is a sign of thinking, analizing and basically living, something which most drones around know nothing about. I don't think I'm better than the average guy, just more complicated... I'm going to watch The OH in Ohio right now. I'll probably post my thoughts on it later... I'd like to have a drink with you if you feel like it... Not the kind of drink that leads to casual sex, but the kind which is about getting to know a bit more about someone I feel is interesting enought to break my anti-social streak...

Markbnj said...

Take a look at THIS:
in my poetry blog (I have 2 poetry blogs;, and the automatic poetry machine at :

the first link was a poem on bipolar I wrote.

The 2nd blog lets you propose a topic, a name, and a feeling, so that I will create a customized poem for you!


monsoux said...

Thanks P, for the compliment, with the crazzyness lately I barely get to do anything around my blog. So I am taking my time.

Mark, thanks for the visit and links.