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Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's been the 13th

Wake up, turn around, panic, no time to turn around, wake up, dress up, wait in the car, morning rush hour, throw a fit with the parking guy, it's not going to help anyway you already know the webpage is offline, get a car, go back to the car, people who are supposed to be late are early and people who are supposed to be early are late, event from hell goes relatively smoothly, hide address in tool bar so that nobody can find it, now the line is not working, now the line is working, but the welcome message isn't working, where is the router, do you have a tracking number, give me a tracking number, I want to know where we stand, cold, having pizza in the car, final blunder with misunderstanding, Cinderella complex, running away to his friends before turning into a pumpkin, final bath and smear, yawn, unexpected message, explanation, argument like voice, shut down. Until tomorrow.

Other amusing developments: kitchen conversation and getting an unlikely supervisor for my long delayed thesis.


Tina said...

I can't say that often, so I'll enjoy saying this now: I know what you mean :)

monsoux said...

I guess it's the new perspective, isn't it?