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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The only St. Nicholas present I am getting

Amy Winehouse, You Know I'm No Good. I might consider buying this Back to Black. This was Foolea's music load, sending me surprises through iTunes. Well done, little one!

I find myself in need for serenity.


Anonymous said...

You're not planning on buying that little black girl are you, coz that is so last week with!

monsoux said...

Oh, look who's here! I though you lost me. Welcome back!

Amy is 19, I heard. So no little girl. And I am no buying nothing. This was no Dutch St. Nicholas.

Anonymous said...

Santa is actually Dutch: Sint Niklaas became Santa Clause the same way Nieuw Amsterdam had become New York.

But you're wrong about the Dutch, though. They complain so much about money that one wonders if they can afford anything at all. Even little children without any knowledge of self-worth.

Besides, Belgians are notorious paedophiles. Wait, that didn't come out right: the most notorious paedohpiles happen to be Belgian, not Dutch.

monsoux said...

Lol, this reminds me of one deaf and one dumb attempting to communicate through the key-hole. I was merely trying to say St. Nicholas is a bigger than Christmas with the Dutch, present wise... Tina was right, I am always helping others misunderstand me better ;)

Anonymous said...

You see, that's where you're wrong: have you ever received a present, even a small and modest one, from a Dutch?

If Sint Niklaas is supposed to be more generous than the good ol' Father X-mas, then I pity the Dutch children.

But you're right in one thing, though: I didn't quite get it the first time :)

All things considered, my Dutch friend Vincent is a bitch anyway...