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Friday, January 05, 2007

Eragon, the Christmas movie in January

I myself have been wearing and tearing the Christmas gear, but that is only one jumper and even that is getting its time off in the washing machine. It doesn't have THE theme. Actually it will get into the machine sometime in the immediate indefinite future. But that is different from all the decorations and paraphernalia still there in some places. And the music, common people! let's face it. Playing various versions of "O, brad frumos!" is not selling shit mid January. Yes, you've guessed it, I have been to the mall. The tune only helped with the discomfort of the overheated overcrowded mainstream joint that Ruby Tuesday is. They are the ones playing carols last November too. I mean in 2005. My frequency with them is not that good because of the client trauma they induce to me - he he he.

So there I was reliving the Christmas, eating by myself when everybody was with at least someone else, going up the escalators and in the cinema when floods of people were descending to the exits. For a moment I thought I was going to be all by myself in the cinema hall, but the excitement vanished gradually as others came in to watch Eragon as well. I was not spared the distant vicinity with the loud red necks. You know the specimens. They come in pairs, sit like a Jewish wedding: the cocky boys' gang and chatty girls' band, have nothing interesting to say, only they do it loudly and relentlessly. They give the motif a new meaning with they usually one joke or punch line on repeat loop. The set comes complete with mobiles never on silent or vibrations, the wrong kind of leather jackets and some flashy car that when parked is either taking the special place for persons with handicap or messing the proxemics of the parking lot. Luckily, mine got tired after the first fifteen minutes. I suggest to the management that we have longer trailers screenings, so the rest of us can enjoy the actual movie in peace.

Now the movie was exactly what I needed, not too complicated and moderately mainstream. Special effects were not disturbing, clean narratives, coherent setup, decent acting of a hot set of main characters in a one package deal with extremely yummable Jeremy Irons, cast as supporting rider. By the way, I want to look like that, without the funny costumes, but I guess it will never happen. All in all, it held water for me, but that doesn't mean you should go watch it.


Rainforest said...

I hate going to the cinema because the room is full of idiots like that. A few years ago things weren't so bad, I used to go watch a movie every week. Anyway, the book (Eragon) is great but after reading it the movie didn't seem so exciting!

monsoux said...

Yeap, the movie and the book are seldom equal. Whatever comes first builds a level of expectation that can be or not met or exceeded.

Romerican said...

For a few years now, I've enjoyed about 99.8% of movies in the inappropriately-dressed comfort of my own home. Since transplanting, I'm now 100% theater-less (although I will change that once or twice, but only so I can experience the local flavor of what a cinema is).

All hail teh intarwebz!

monsoux said...

Maybe we are programmed slightly different, but I do enjoy the cinema hall, the collective ooohs and aaaahs, and the sorround sound that home cinema cannot beat with a stick (yeah, I have noticed this is one of your favourite hobby-horse expressions). But I can do without cinema-jerks anytime.

Anonymous said...

are we getting older there? or what