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Monday, January 29, 2007

Partial de-freezing

A partial de-freezing is everything my mother has taught me not to do. Armed with a knife one nervously attacks the ice, making sure one doesn't hurt oneself too bad. One will stop when the freezer's door fits right back in place when closed.

So T has left, it's been two days. I haven't cried (too much), and definitely not in public. But it happens at the movies when I think it really should not be the case. Like Billy Eliot. But I make it a rule not too cry like a girlie. So I rush to the bathroom, where I cry like the bearded girlie I am.

I am dreaming episodes of a sitcom. Every new episode takes you to the next floor, where they are installing yet another computer facility in lobby. You see, the hotel is new and not yet done. The manager is played by this actress, very defensive, whatever you might want when you approach her it's always cause for some sort of hysterical excuse that doesn't have to do with what you're saying.

Also my Sony is dying. The condolence book is open.


Ciprian Man said...

So you watched Billy Elliot last night on TVR1 too, eh? ;-) Cool. I hadn't seen it before.

I didn't cry exactly, but I did kind of get 'into it' a bit too much for the cold-hearted bastard that I don't even pretend to be.

Romer!can said...

I am a proud victim of the typical Romanian freezer with it's requisite single hinge!

I had to laugh out loud as I realized I've been forced to do battle: "armed with a knife one nervously attacks" is entirely accurate.

More recently, my latest weapon of choice is a bottle opener which has the benefit of thicker metal and fewer sharp edges.

But when you nick your knuckle on some part of the freezer... ouch.

I long for the time when I have a quality fridge as in the previous apartment. Alas, I get no points for buying equipment for the landlord. Ya takes what ya gets.

monsoux said...

Man, "the cold-hearted bastard that I don't even pretend to be" ?!? OMG, you ARE turning this into an art :)

R! thanks for the advice, but I am not risking my chance to instant happiness by fault of wine opener. I have big plans with these bottles, you know.