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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Greetings from Sofia

Greetings from Sofia where I have been watching Morandi and Akcent on - THE music TV channel of Bulgaria. Don't be fooled! There are like six or seven music channels on the cable at my hotel... So, between the lines, of my thesis, I had time to make a trend analysis: jumping-dance. Started by Madonna, carried forward by David Guetta and his "Don't let me down". Finally, the new mix of "We don't need no education..." - which apart from the jumping has also a story. I have also noted Gwen Stefani's new clips and a brilliantly visual Fedde le Grand and oh so known "Put your hands up for Detroit".

By the way, the smallest overhead compartment award goes to Hemus.

LATER EDIT: More precisely, it's Eric Prydz Vs Floyd's "Proper Education".

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