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Sunday, February 04, 2007

I had a dream...

Well, not that kind of dream, not an ideal not met, but a dream that seemed so real I have not even questioned its oddcityness (I could not resist paying tribute to R!'s last two comments). It's all about my house, how I went to sleep last night and everything was alright and I woke up (this is part of the dream) to find my LDC screen (which I don't have) face down on the floor under the desk. As I saw this I was trying to check if there was an earthquake, one of T's obsessions, but the desk tipped and fell on the computer (which is no longer there) and the other huge monitor went off. And after a while it went on. I looked at the computer. It looked back at me, pretty much like a rabbit getting ready to go into the oven, guts half out. I remember thinking how T is going to kill me. The dream also featured me moving the massive furniture around the apartment (not much success, though), an earthquake, a curved window frame to my bedroom that wouldn't close, a baby pigeon (inside the house! - I hate pigeons, they are flying rats, and I hate them for their persistent shitting on everything) and a rush from eating strawberries. Then I went to the bathroom which was magnificent but dark and a flood liability. And that's about it. For a smooth transition, I have also dreamt a beginning for the chapter I am working on my thesis. I kinda do that when I am stressed. Have I told you how I have dreamed a 20 seconds Excel formula on a loop to the end of my dream while in real life I was preparing the annual report?


R! said...

ZOMG!!! LOLZ!!111!!1oneeleven

Pichi said...

perhaps you should just change the stuff you're smoking