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Monday, March 05, 2007

The boot

I remember once returning from my Romanian tutoring classes in the eight grade, a guy in the street pushed me and as I had fallen another one kicked me in the jaw. I remember the boot approaching, impact and all. It was cold and dark and all of the sudden it was just me out there, on the cold ice. Nineteen years later and I still don't know who they were and what has actually happened.

For whatever some might say, not everything happens for a reason. God is not busy keeping scores in a little red book and sometimes there is a good chance that when you see the boot approaching you haven't actually done anything wrong.

Can anyone tell me a good reason for getting out of the house today? The list is open.


Mazilique said...

for the "after-rain" scent that's in the crisp air

stingo said...

I can't.


R! said...