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Monday, March 12, 2007

Final draft

As I am re-writing this, I am overwhelmed with frustration. My new wireless connection caused my computer to freeze and I have lost a very very long post. And some of last's weeks scribbles. Let me try to recompose myself from loss, being late, unable "to win" and the constant feeling I am living "on hold".

As it would be appropriate, this comes in parts.

PART ONE - Things I have been told, your quota of quotes

Show me that you care and call me more often. Like at least once a week. (long distance relation)

You are gorgeous, you are gorgeous. Keep on repeating that. (new best friend)

I don't want to loose you for good. (Can you guess? T...)

I didn't want to lie to you. I hope we can still be friends. (ha-ha! what next?)

I saw you and I thought it's so refreshing to know for a fact that somebody on the set is gay. (fan text messages)

ha-ha hmmmm my own private celebrity... (keep on dreaming! And, yeah, I have been on TV. Twice)

Please don't go to that TV show. He has not even introduced you properly. (I, cannot do that, mum! I'll make sure next time he knows my name or say it myself, but it was quite a surprise, I wasn't really going to say anything on that particular occasion)

Write something! [...] I want to see some two or three posts when I return. And be more explicit, so my mum can understand it. (new best friend upon departure to the seaside)

Write something! [...] you can even be cryptic if you will. (new best friend, exasperated, upon return from the seaside)

PART TWO - Simon's sayings and me getting the blues

You are tall and lean and ambitious. You can win a crowd with your smile. You can walk the walk with your pointed shoes that match your confidence. But I know you are afraid of being alone, as you confided in me. Yes, I think it's a crappy excuse for your action. No, I am not going to make your life easier. We'll see. You didn't do so good on our last conversation.


I stitched the "Run CD First" on the inside of the toilet lid. Get it?

PART FOUR - Some movies

Seen: Casanova, Paris, je t'aime, The Interpreter,Gia, The Sweetest Thing, The Illusionist
Not seen: Marie Antoinette, Decameron

PART FIVE - Dimitri who?

Thanks to Mazi, I got blessed with a VIP pass slash invitation to Dimitri from Paris, which was great, both getting the invite and the mix. Very groovy eighty. I kept jumping until four in the morning, fell asleep with radio and lights on and lingered in a hangover the size of China the next day. Everything matched only by the amount of running nose, lack of voice and presence of nausea the next day.

PART SIX - No sex

The amazing chit chat I am occasionally entertaining makes for chapters in the opera magna to follow. So, here it is, a conversation with the guy who's been eyeing me the whole night smilingly. After I asked and got his number, it went like this:
Me, redundantly: "So, can I call you?"
Him: "But I am not gay."
Me: "I have not asked if you were gay, I asked if I can call you."
Had no intention to call anyway.

OK, this is pretty much it. Satisfied? Leave a comment. Not satisfied? Email in confidence at

Oh, my current music wish list includes:
Citizen Cope - Brother Lee
Mark Ronson - Toxic (cover)
Sophie Hellen Bextor - Catch you
and Gwen Stefani's latest album

As the architect puts it, "You are too commercial!"


New best friend/ Bloguette007/ Mazi(lique) said...

new best friend is satisfied and now has a brighter day thanks to you :)

soldatelul de plumb said...

future pants and something to drink tonight?

monsoux said...

are we blog dating or something? :)

soldatelul de plumb said...

maybe blog meeting

monsoux said...

see how you are? It's for the world to see :P