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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am not timely

Yeah, that is one thing of many forms. Like I have been to Rokolectiv last weekend, but only managed my devices now. So, you have a picture. Like I I have been to the movies last night. And I didn't get to tell you what T and Mazi have in common: they would both mercilessly drag me to see Hugh Grant and or Sandra Bullock. No, not last night. We saw something which made us use our tired little brains. Like today, when instead of doing you know what, I atteptempted to put some order in the blogroll. Still, it looks like my house, where everything is on the floor. By comparison, the advantage, by far: this blog does not gather dust. Like, literally.


Bloguette007 aka Mazilique said...

now you have a blogroll that is not only messy, but as exhausting as the movie we saw last night.
now do you see the advantages of a hugh grant movie? :))

monsoux said...

patience, my dear, patience! My work is not done yet.