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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Followed by holiday blues

It smells like steak. Mushrooms, what an interesting smell, dump, like a tomb, but appetizing. I am an exquisite cook by accident. Some well chosen ingredients, some over the phone advice. Delicious. The radio yells some all time hits. I insert "him" into me. Not really carrying about the fact, maybe it feels to me it's some duty, but also who cares. It is not a person, although I'd rather it were. Most of my plans are not, although I would rather they were.


Alchemist said...

This picture reminds me of the song "The blue wrath". It's so blue, it hurts, it hurts so good though. And the glow, thats the little extra.

runbaby said...

what a lovely photo!

can one be sorry for someone else's sorrow?

monsoux said...

halcy, I will try to look it up

runbaby, thanks and yes, they can, but they really shouldn't