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Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday mumbling, mumbling Monday

The downs and ups of today's post are... It's Monday, what do you think? Snoozed like crazy with two alarms. Anyway, yeah, I am up. Spent late last night to get my online virus scan. Nod32 failed me, Opera is like a swaitzer. Have not managed to solve the problem. Darn. Yahoo doesn't work, the computer works like an old grinding machine. I know, it's the spieware.

In the club, again, someone has asked me for speed. And I am the only one with a perception problem? I don't think so. Other than that Saturday was quite nice and friendly, except for the Sunday hangover, but that is not a part of Saturday or is it?

The latest compliments I got refer to the special shade of my eyes and ... the blog. Well, thank you.

Other things I forgot. This is so incredibly slow I am going to be late for my appointment with the journalists. Bye.

Oh, one last word of advice. Kissing a transvestite will sure get mascara on clothes. I say, always use quality products. Yeah, I had to end it on a bright note.


stingo said...

(best in the world)


That's what I use and it works.

andressa said...

I noticed the shade, too! ;)

monsoux said...

Thanks and thanks. Also to Tina for her on the phone assistance. I can tell she been working in a call center :)

Rainforest said...

I hate spyware but I really like this picture.

P.S. puwtg