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Sunday, May 06, 2007

When you are a USB A to A

The transition from male to female it's easier. Only in selected outlets.

(Yes, I have been shopping. It's a pre-birthday thing. I induced it last night when I occasionally dropped into the conversation the mention of "oh,these shoes I've seen". Mother immediately picked it up and encouraged me: "It's your birthday soon, you should go buy them. How much do you need?". I instantly gave the rough estimate, rounded it to a plus, cashed in and off I went this morning. Before I knew it and before anybody could stop me, my shopping bag added a dream dictionary, for the dormant psychologist in me, two leather wrist accessories, one for the casual, from Motor, one for the posh elitist, from Fossil, a pair of Police sunglasses that made the shop assistant exclaim "How quickly you shopped!", so I had to confess prowling on eye-ware shops for quite a while now. And USB A and A, male to female.)