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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am

To be, to have, to like, to love, the essential verbs.

I am 33. I will try to tell you who I am. Actually I have just started to be 33. Although, technically, I will be 33 at 7.30 am. But I cannot help it if friends lingered long enough make it past 12 so they can be the firsts to wish me happy birthday. Even my laptop had a little beer. To celebrate.

So here I am, without a plan. Just Internet access, a cold beer and brie, the cheese.

If you wanted to know more about me, here is your chance. If you didn't, stop reading now.


- (moderately) tall, 1.86 probably, I have not used the centimeter lately
- thin, yes, I know I have been fussing lately about a so called belly, but the fact is I have been a 33/34 waist all my life, at least as far as I can remember. I'd still be wearing the jeans I bough with my first scholarship, with Valentina, a Converse pair, but the weaving gave up on me at the knees and there was a show of buttocks. Last time they were worn at roller-blading, where it is acceptable to show some skin. Which I most of the time avoid because of the chicken legs, and arms, and Camenberg texture of my office tanned dermis.
- a blond, smart, with a sense of humour
- a fairly good friend
- a Gemini with a Cancer ascendant; this doesn't make my life any easier, apart from duality I am increasingly suffering from indecision

- a boyfriend miles away
- an ex-boyfriend. Hard to believe as it might seem, yes, only one ex-boyfriend
- a couple of ex-girlfriends. I took me a while to realize what I am, where I am going and the like. I am only sorry for the wasted time.
- a loving family, who knows, understands and supports me, but they are not easy to be with sometimes
- the best friends, thank you, guys!

- cheese and tomatoes. I have a craving for cheese, that must come from my lack of calcium... I have no other explanation
- dogs, for the unconditioned love and companionship they offer
- films, music, books, in this order, although if they made me do something, I'd have to write rather than anything else
- boys. OK, I like some girls too, and I don't like all the boys... That should've gone to "I am gay"?
- debate. Questioning is cause for progress, taking everything with a grain of salt is healthy, and expressing oneself is commendable


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday you cheese craver! :)

monsoux said...

10q, city hiker ;)

stingo said...

Whatever, smart arse. Who was the first to wish you HB, yet again?

Rebeca said...

esti o oglida clara si sincera...imi place foarte mult deschiderea ta si te felicit pentru modul in care iti poti scoate interiorul in exterior si oferi si partea de sub firul de iarba la vedere (ca in melodia lui Travis)...iti trimit un balon pe un cer senin si fara nori!ca sa zambesti si sa privesti in sus catre orizont!

monsoux said...

Hey, Rebeca, thanks and welcome.

bubu said...

u are balding too

monsoux said...

too much testosterone, I hear... how about you?