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Monday, June 25, 2007

You're really an ugly girl

Stay tuned for tomorrow's brilliant update.


Anilu said...

Uh-huh, Tori, Tori.
Imaginea nu cred ca e din cadrul concertului de la Milano, there are no sparkling-sparkles in the background. Dar e Tori, Tori. Oh boy, oh boy.

Staying tuned..8->

monsoux said...

So, it was Tori, in Budapest. I have managed to publish when she was already supposed to perform in Ljubljana. And I did mean to write about how it felt to me, but... Let's just say the heat has melt my brains.

Anilu said...

:) It's ok, we'll hold Tori responsible for temporary brain damage, lucidity annihilation, breath taking and heart blowing. Thx for the pictures, I can almost *feel* how the concert in Bucharest will be.

Looking forward to feeding on your impressions, visual or more "wordified".