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Monday, July 09, 2007

The buzz and music

Remember the things that you write in your head? They buzz for a while, then they die, nothing remains apart from their temporary Brownian movement. While you wipe the floors clean for the second time in one day, you organize them under phrases like "Deep Dish on Saturday was the longest commercial break I have ever attended with six or seven sponsors' ads on continuous loop from 7.00 pm to 1.00 am next day. DJs Pagal, Livio and Internullo warmed up the crowd so well, that when the real deal had started I was already tired and willing to go home. Which I did at around 2.30. You know you are old when you back hurts like hell. The sound was impeccable, but the beer was the most expensive I have drunk in a long while: 330 ml of Heineken at 3 euros. May I remind the organizers this was an open air event, not a night in the club. I had already paid a cover three or two times higher. So before I call it an insult to my consumer face, could somebody in the marketing department wake up please? Shouldn't I have had the same stuff for three times less just a week before, in similar market conditions...

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