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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Graded odds and no ends just yet

Mom is sending me mms. That is odd, taking into account I don't have a Vodafone mms compatible terminal. Accordingly, to view her picture of Corfu, I had to go online at OK, Vodafone guys, this particular part of your webpage doesn't really work accurately. You get a mere seven out of ten, which is rather low for the leading communications operator.

I have been procrastinating on this Bestival post for quite a while. That is ten out of ten for procrastination, and a mediocre eight for the post. Read on.

I am not paying to see today's performances at Bestival, 'cause I am not in high school, not the high school of 15 years ago (Alice Cooper), nor the high school of nowadays (Marylin Manson). However I will be disappointed if I hear they deserve any less then nine out of ten. And I do have reliable sources, you know.

On my list: Yonderboi, Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, Faithless, Kasabian, Reamonn and Pink. Now, I have missed Yonderboi, so no grade there. Hooverphonic gets a ten. And so does the straight (looking?) guy that quasi hit on me, I have spilled a sip of his beer. More precisely he gets three tens: for the friendly conversation, for this name, Attila, the sword of God, and for the funny faces and dance powered by the moderately ethyl induction.

Which brings us to Morcheeba, or what's left of it. Guys, Morcheeba, now, in my books is the perfect example why one should always stick with his CDs and quality sound system. At home. The live performance was pretty lame, so lame I'll grade it the ultimately mediocre eight. The blonde little goose who thinks is one of the vocals, needed a volume up voice. Do they have a spray fro that? I kinda liked the brunette, certainly more lively. I can imagine the band having a conversation before getting on stage: "...and don't you say Budapest! Budapest is next door, in Hungary!" "Really? I always mix that". And then, on stage, ooops, I didn't just say that! For the perfect blunder, a ten out of ten.

I am no Faithless fan, but the show was truly electrifying. Ten plus out of ten. Also, I can testify some people can dance. I am not sure the fireworks were part of the show. Oddly, I am no fan of fireworks either, but these worked OK with the ensemble.

The second day I have missed on Kasabian, because of massage and dinner, so no complaints from me, OK? I only caught the ironic (?) "Enjoy Pink!" at the end of their performance. Reamonn totally stole the show, a ten of ten for many reasons, but most of all for the crowd empathy and winning us over and almost taking us home with them once they were done. And Pink will get a nine. The ups are underlined by bloguette007 here, but the big minus was not working the crowd as she could've.

A ten out of ten goes to the big handsome press guy in a white toptank that left in the middle of Pink's concert, making a statement with both his middle fingers high up in the air.

Another ten for Mazi's perfect hairdays, two days in a row. And for her being oblivious to gorgeous guys around us. That made me once say she looks as lost as a hedgehog freshly out of its hiding blinded by a flash light straight in its eyes. When I shout "Sexy guy!", she goes "Where?", invariably missing the target. Plus I have a wider base, and she has higher standards. She would never consider the like of such as stunningly drunk and cute guy in front of us when Reamonn was on stage. He, on the other hand, literally stopped and stood still when she was rocking on "Super Girl", where he expected to find some of his own gang. She later dismissed the episode as irrelevant and too drunk. Needless to say we all eventually made back to our own residences on our own and by our separate and lonely selves.

A minus four out of ten for the aggressive bodyguard (?! still not sure, as he did not present any credential apart from the hyper inflated biceps and all) who hassled me into showing my ticket to him, once I was inside and past three official security checks. Apart from that, the organizing gets a fair ten out of ten, for I did not have to wait on any cue. Grading of the matter is not 100% accurate, as I have not tried the toilets at all. I am simply not inspired by the wild eco-stuff, at this chapter.

My hips, lower back and feet really hated the concrete. Let's try some grass next year, what do you say? or at least something more friendly, shall we? So, six there. yeah, I am getting old, but so is Alice Cooper. On second though, everybody for that matter.

In other news, but keeping up with the grading.

Found T in Tabu. Ten for the surprise. Two for the ending sentence.

I have also managed to buy the missing Re:publik issues, and subsequently I have been watching Sex and Lucia. I wanted to do that for a long time now and it was worth all the wait.

Next stop: Little Children.

That is that for the moment, I have been slaving for too long at this post and it's not even that great. Take care and see you soon. By the way, the picture is a scorcher in Budapest, from Gerbeaud's terrace and ice cream safety.


Mazilique said...

Well, it actually was a third good hair day also, but you weren't there with us, the teenagers :P

As for the drunk guy, I'm sure he stopped because I was stunningly gorgeous :)) Doh!

And you say "residence"? Try office :-/

And "lonely"? Well, no more - I've got air conditioning now :))

Anonymous said...

Actually Attila means The Scourge of God :)


monsoux said...

N, I'll tell him :)

monsoux said...

Mazi, send pictures over!