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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If Wednesday, then Miercurea Ciuc

After riding the chain saw in Sapanta's Merry Cemetery, Little Red Riding Hood and the gang were headed to Jeebus country. This is how Romerican, like Stephen the Great, named it. The road was occasionally full of horse shit and stuff. The ugly part occurred in Elbonia, where, because of masive cracks in the whole, my friend had to reveal his own butt crack, major plumber case! and flat tire changing skills. But all is well, when it ends well. Salutations from Bicaz, to where I have been entertained by Romerican's fake Chinese numbuhwoan accent.

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La Nouvelle Sappho said...

am dat şi eu click pe linkul Stephen the Great şi am râs de m-am împrăştiat de comicul involuntar pe care îl are istoria noastră glorioasă & strămoşească tradusă în engleză.