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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little black dress

Oh, I bet you smiled anticipating confessions of my secret choice of wardrobe. Although, as all kids do (no?), I have been wearing my mothers dresses and shoes and fathers motorbike outfit. But that was back in the first grade, when I was in love with Lavi-de-la-scara-A, now married with children, whom I was, again secretly, kissing in the garbage shaft room and whose schoolbag I was carrying on the way back home.

This is in fact an index of all little black things I almost everyday carry with me. My little black Levi's cap, my little black pair of Police, my little black Datch bag, my little black book and my little black etui. I guess you can never go wrong present wise with me. Just follow the "little black" rule.


Mazilique said...

we could have been soulmates if we haden't been suffering from two diffrent types of so autism :))

monsoux said...

yeah, mine is exhibitionist&procrastination autism, and yours is? But I thought we were!?

R! said...

Dating a Congo pygmy yet?

monsoux said...

R, close! Very close. Mind you, I am driving. Worried yet?